There's nothing worse than unpacking your suitcase to find that all of your clothes are creased and having to go through the hassle of procuring an iron and ironing board.

(Image: a steamer can help you avoid the inconvenience and bulkiness of ironing. Steamers are usually lighter and smaller than irons and therefore more portable.

One steamer in particular seems to be winning plenty of Amazon customers over. Homeasy's 5-in-1 fabric steamer and wrinkle remover has been described by users as everything from a 'life-saver' to the best product they've ever bought on Amazon. So what is it that Homeasy's steamer actually does to earn it such high praise?

The Homeasy steamer is quick to work, turning the water into 110°C steam in 25 seconds

The steamer is practically half-price right now, costing £35.99 as opposed to the usual £69.99, making it cheaper than most branded steam irons. Homeasy claims that it has 45 per cent more steam output per minute than a similar competitive steamer.

It has a 280ml watertank that allows for 15 minutes of continuous steaming, and takes 25 seconds to heat the water up to 110°C. The steamer can operate upside down and is designed to avoid the issue of water drops forming at the nozzle. It's similar in size to an iPad, measuring 28cm in height and 11cm in width. 

Homeasy says the steamer is designed to work on silk, linen, nylon, wool, cotton and plush. It also works on things like carpets, curtains, pillows, sofas and bedding.

The steamer has a 280ml watertank that allows for 15 minutes of continuous steaming

The steamer has several pleasing features including a lint remover, a brush attachment and five functions: ironing, sterilization, humidification, wrinkle and dust removal. It has an automatic shut-off when it runs out of water or gets too hot and comes with a two-year warranty.

Many reviews for the Amazon's Choice steamer praise the product's convenience and ease-of-use. One satisfied customer said: 'This Steamer has done wonders for me. I can steam three pairs of jeans and two long skirts without running out of water.'

Another Amazon reviewer wrote: 'Excellent quality, The steamer is powerful and wrinkles are removed easily. I have a travel iron, but that is now going into my next yard sale. I love this steamer. It's so easy to use and the wrinkles just fall out. I didn't have to find a flat surface to iron on, it took less time and is easier to use. And, it's great to use at home.'

Buy the Homeasy 5-in-1 steamer here. 

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