KoolReport is an intuitive and flexible open-source PHP Reporting Framework for faster and easier report delivery.

Export package

Export package helps to export your report to PDF and other formats. Get the Export package in here.

Inputs package

Inputs package helps you to build dynamic reports with user's inputs Get the Inputs package in here.

Barcode package

Barcode package helps you to generate multiple types of barcode and qrcode Get the Barcode package in here.

ChartJS package

ChartJS provide beatiful charts for your data visualization Get the ChartJS package in here.


Setup databases

Most of our examples use .csv data file so that they can be run immediately without any installation. However, in some examples we would like to demonstrate the real usage of KoolReport with databases. So these examples require you to install samples databases.

You may find in the folder ./examples/databases three(3) sample databases which are automaker, sakila and world. They has been zipped for smaller size.

To install, you use phpMyAdmin to import directly those zipped file. There is no need to unzip.

To set the databases authentication, please open the ./examples/config.php file, there you can set your username and password so that example can work. The config file look like this:

return array(

Extended packages

The demo may contains examples for specific packages which are not available standard KoolReport delivery. To install a package, you need to:
  1. Download the package from KoolReport packages
  2. Unzip package and put it inside folder "koolreport/packages"
  3. All done! The packages is ready to use.

KoolReport Pro

KoolReport Pro is a special version including the latest KoolReport and all commercial packages. It is back with Priority Support from us. The KoolReport pro comes with Developer License and Enterprise License.

Click here for more details.